Heineken launches Back The Bar initiative to support restaurants and bars amidst pandemic

Heineken brands have been enjoyed in restaurants and bars around the world for many years. Because of the current pandemic, bars and restaurants are experiencing difficult times. To support them through this, Heineken company have launched the “Back the Bars” initiative.

With bars, pubs and restaurants closed for the foreseeable future, hospitality businesses of all sizes are facing unprecedented commercial challenges. It goes without saying that these on-trade outlets are highly valued partners of Heineken and key to its hospitality industry worldwide. Therefore, Heineken has dedicated significant time and effort to help its friends when they need it the most.

Together, the Heineken company has developed a voucher system, where people can buy a drinks voucher for their favourite bar or restaurant. They can redeem the voucher when the bar opens again with friends, but the owner of the bar will receive the monetary value of the voucher immediately so that they can continue to pay their fixed costs.

This Heineken initiative is running in 17 countries around the world further five countries due to launch imminently. Within the last two months, these initiatives have helped thousands of outlets worldwide, with over 218,000 vouchers being sold and over 8.2 million euros/£7.1 million going directly to outlets.

To find more information of what is happening where you are, you may view their website here.

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