Heineken’s Driver’s Fridge is aimed to convince the country that they can enjoy a can of beer before hopping into their car

Thirsting for a cold one before driving? Hold on to Heineken’s beer. Trying to convince a whole country that they can enjoy a can of beer before hopping into their cars seemed like a tall order. To answer the brief, Publicis Singapore came up with a solution: the Driver’s Fridge.

The team has designed this unique beef fridge with the same features and technology of a modern car door. The alcohol brand‘s fridge can only be opened with car keys – the fridge detects the frequency sent by the car keys and automatically unlocks. The Driver’s Fridges were taken to prime locations around Singapore like Orchard Road and Clarke Quay.

Doing this ensured that only drivers were allowed to knock back a cold one with the new Heineken 0.0 – guilt-free. The Heineken 0.0 is made from water, malted barley, hop extract, and yeast along with a natural flavour; ensuring the same fruity notes of a regular can of Heineken, but with a soft malty body with half the calories.

“The idea was to surprise drivers when they least expected to be offered a beer: right before getting in their cars”, explained Axel Grimald, Executive Creative Director, Publicis Singapore. “To call people’s attention, we also incorporated a few other features like a rear-view mirror and the famous alarm sound when the door is unlocked.”

With the help of the fridge, Heineken 0.0 reached 350,000 liquid to lips, 91 percent awareness, and 59 percent trial within the 9-month campaign. Most significantly, the Driver’s Fridge managed to drive home the message that with the new Heineken 0.0, ‘Now You Can Drink Before Driving’.

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