Hanes promotes body positivity, linking self-comfort with self-confidence, created in partnership with The Martin Agency

Hanes is making the world a more comfortable place for everybody.

The brand has launched its new “Every Bodcampaign featuring men of all types – from gym-sculpted to sofa surfers – all happy in their Comfort FlexFit boxer briefs in a range of new colours and celebrating who they are.

Created in partnership with The Martin Agency, the campaign will run both 15- and 30-second spots across specific network and cable channels, online video and is supported by Facebook and Instagram content.

“Celebrating inclusivity and authenticity, the campaign demonstrates how Hanes holds true to its promise to provide comfortable essentials that help people look and feel their best every day,” said Sidney Falken, Chief Branding Officer for HanesBrands.

According to John Szalay, Associate Creative Director at The Martin Agency, there was only one way to best convey this message. “We felt that music was the best way to bring this idea to life because if you feel confident enough to sing in your underwear in random places, you have got to truly be comfortable with yourself,” Szalay said.

“We landed on an idea that establishes a fresh, new voice for Hanes that also feels big and thoughtful with a hint of fun.”

As part of the brands’ overall mission, “Comfort for All,” the iconic apparel brand is addressing the culturally-driven body anxiety often associated with women but also faced by men. The Every Bod campaign focuses on helping men feel comfortable – both inside and out.

“Society continues to perpetuate unrealistic expectations that impact how all of us, including men, feel about the way we look,” Falken said. “Every Bod reminds men that being comfortable with themselves will also make them confident. We are happy with our new campaign, and we truly feel that every bod is happy in Hanes.”

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