Get a Glimpse of 90s Music in JC Chasez-Led Meow Mix Commercial

Meow Mix
Relive the 90s with a new Meow Mix Jingle. Image Source: Meow Mix

Fans and consumers can now say goodbye to the old Meow Mix jingle. In its place, is a new iteration featuring dancing cats and JC Chasez’s voice.

Staying relevant during these modern times, the current generation can listen to an updated version of the previous generation’s Meow Mix rendition. The birth of the brand’s new commercial is not to be missed, featuring a cat band shaking a leg on a Meow Mix jungle remix based on 90s pop.

Spicing up the classic Meow Mix jingle is none other than the sounds and tones of JC Chasez. Chasez was a member of NSYNC, a boy band from the United States consisting of Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez, and Justin Timberlake. Interestingly, what amazed the audience was their synchronized dance moves in mixed pop and R&B, catapulting them to youth sensation status in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The iconic JC Chasez. Image Source: Meow Mix
The iconic JC Chasez Image Source Meow Mix

2023 Track Remix

The new Meow Mix spot features five enchanting cats, fueling their creativity under the direction of Ulf Johansson. The track infuses a remix by TABBY 5, a cat boy band. However, recreating this unique retro music piece would not have been possible without a high-pitched background score by JC Chasez.

Disseminating this new track to the audience certainly requires an exceptional marketing strategy. Hence, the campaign, alongside a prominent TV spot, will utilise effective tactics to boost its social media presence. The campaign officially launched on the 18th of July on the television show ‘America’s Got Talent’. Furthermore, the brand encourages fans worldwide to submit their TikTok duet videos with JC Chasez to attract more eyeballs.

A Brief Dive Into the Original Meow Mix Jingle

Meow Mix
Image Source Meow Mix

Meow Mix is a cat food brand under The J.M. Smucker Company offering various wet and dry products. The remarkably original Meow Mix theme was first developed by Ron Travisano of Della Femina Travisano and Partners. Soon, the idea gained practical implementation when Shelly Palmer laid the foundation of the now-famous jingle back in 1970, with Linda November as a vocalist.

The soundtrack was first aired in 1974, exhibiting animals. At that time, looping images of a cat were created to simulate its singing action, a combined effort of Travisano and editor Jay Gold. The jingle was a hit and gained the highest audience impact. By the end of 1976, Meow Mix became one of the top-rated cat food brands.

For 45 years, the brand stuck with its iconic track and was featured in various movies. Therefore, it was a risk for its creators and JC Chasez to turn it into something modern.

Co-developed by PSOne and BBH US, the newest Meow Mix version evokes nostalgia but in a different way. Although it won’t make long-time fans scream, “We want our old Meow Mix back!”, the creation has channeled new sentiments tracing back to the iconic tune.