Francis Ingham to be Installed as Master of The Company

ICCO Francis Ingham

The appointment will see the industry leader focus on redefining UK’s place in global PR as part of his newly-assembled four-fold plan

Industry veteran and PRCA Director General, Francis Ingham, has been chosen to be installed as the Master of the Company of Public Relations Practitioners, the official ceremony of which is set to take place at the Church of St. Stephen Walbrook on 12 October 2015.

A leading voice of profession in the UK and beyond, he takes his role as the sixteenth Master of The Company. He has devised a four-fold plan to launch a membership drive for The Company, establish a broader events programme, broaden the horizons of its charitable endeavours, and provide a focus on the UK’s place in global PR.

Aged 39, the ICCO Chief Executive is by far the youngest to be awarded the role. Since joining eight years ago, the PRCA has grown five-fold and is now the largest professional body for PR practitioners anywhere in Europe. His background is in PR and politics.

He has worked for the Conservative Party as well as the UK’s business lobby group, the Confederation of British Industry. He is External Examiner for the University of Richmond, and once spent three years as a visiting fellow of the University of Westminster.

“In the year ahead I want to shine a light on Britain’s place in the world of PR. This is topical because I lead ICCO, the global organisation for PR. London is one of the two global PR hubs, and this issue is likely to be high on the agenda in the coming year as we prepare for the EU Referendum,” said Ingham.