Dove has joined forces with Kelly Rowland to support young girls and celebrate hair confidence with a power anthem dubbed Crown.

Dove has partnered with Kelly Rowland to defy the narrow definition of beautiful hair and inspire girls to feel confident about wearing it how they choose. For the tie-up, the artiste has written and produced an original song titled Crown, an anthem backing the cause.

The brand conducted a survey to better understand how to drive hair confidence. The Dove study found that 65 percent of girls view their hair as a form of self-expression, while close to 50 percent feel their hair makes them self-conscious. It was also learned that 71 percent look to music as a strong influence in their lives.

The findings led to the creation of said anthem from the beloved singer-songwriter. Having just premiered, the single will be released on Island Records UK via Universal Music and made available across all streaming platforms. Meanwhile, Jess Weiner and Dre Brown will run a targeted workshop.

The two represent Dove globally as self-esteem ambassador and educator respectively. The programme addresses topics around self-confidence and the acceptance of every hair type. Rowland will serve as mentor during the session which is meant to benefit young people.

“As a brand, we are committed to celebrating all hair types. Young girls start thinking about hair appearance as early as age seven. Working with Kelly allows us to share that message in a way that will resonate with girls everywhere,” said Piyush Jain, VP of Marketing and GM of Hair Care at Unilever.

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