The digital campaign features three videos with Chef Morou Ouattara and covers the Dove Chocolate making journey and brand heritage.

Mars Chocolate North America has released a series of videos that offers an inside look at the Dove Chocolate making journey as well as highlights the transformation from bean to bar. With the help of experts, viewers will uncover the craftsmanship involved with the entire process.

From hand-selecting Cote d’Ivoire cacao beans for quality and flavour to roasting rooted in European heritage, the campaign depicts how, at the hands of passionate artisans, attention to such details is paid to deliver a signature offering which is synonymous with the marque’s legacy.

A crucial step is ensuring the well-being and sustainability of the cocoa farmers. Mars recently pledged a donation of more than $1 million to CARE, a leading humanitarian organisation fighting global poverty to empower female farmers in Cote d’Ivoire, which where its cacao beans are sourced.

Also, the brand provides training and support to create opportunities, financially and socially, for women to advance their role within the community. Experience has shown that when women have more income, an increased proportion is invested in family, community, and the next generation.

The exercise unveils the aforementioned trail through the eyes of the Ivorian-born Morou Ouattara, Executive Chef and Owner of Kora Restaurant in Crystal City, Virginia. He is introduced to the nuances involved in tasting and evaluating chocolate, and the process of creating Dove Chocolate.

Said series will continue in 2017 as he travels to Cote d’Ivoire to learn how the brand ensures responsible sourcing for cocoa beans. He will also interact with the farmers and witness first-hand how the chocolate-maker and its charitable platforms are working to empower local communities.

The digital push features three spots: The Tale Behind the Taste shows how Chef Ouattara learns the brand’s flavour profile from expert taster, Lisa Schroeder. Roast: It’s all About the Bean is of master craftsman, Barry Glazier, talking technique. Finally, The Art of Process discusses the multiple stages of production.

“Creating pure dark chocolate requires you to be passionate. We’re excited to share this intricate process which shows how roasting our own beans and selecting our signature chocolate is choosing dedication to craftsmanship,” said Kerry Cavanaugh, Brand Director at Dove Chocolate.

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