The first major campaign will be conducted in partnership with the Woolmark Company.

In response to the rapid growth of online shopping in China, particularly in the fashion apparel segment, China UnionPay, the largest bank card issuer in China, has launched a tailored O2O (Online to Offline) marketing campaign to support fashion retailers.

The China UnionPay O2O Fashion campaign is specifically designed to support the business of traditional “bricks and mortar” fashion retailers across China. This campaign will drive customer traffic, generated from extensive online marketing and traditional media activities, to the physical stores of participating brands.

China UnionPay has allocated a substantial marketing and media budget to support and promote brands that participate. The supporting media campaign will integrate the power of social media, direct digital promotion, online PR and print advertising campaigns, with all messaging targeted to the China UnionPay cardholder base. The intake of fashion brands for upcoming campaigns is now underway, to be eligible, brands need to have an existing retail presence in China. Participating brands simply provide a selection of promotional offers that will be presented to China UnionPay cardholders via the supporting media campaign. Two of the most successful menswear brands in China, Youngor and Red Collar, have already committed to the China UnionPay O2O campaign. These two brands are currently running a series of offers around Australian Merino Wool clothing.

The first major campaign will be conducted in partnership with the Woolmark Company. This campaign will focus on the promotion of woolen garments within the collections of participating brands and will launch on December 1st, 2014.

Data Driven Marketing Asia (DDMA) is responsible for coordinating the entry of brands into this special campaign. “Over 100 million Chinese fashion consumers per month will be exposed to the message of participating fashion brands,” said Sam Mulligan, Director of DDMA. “It is a huge opportunity for brands that already have a physical presence in China to market themselves directly to the China UnionPay card base, in a highly efficient and low cost manner,” Mulligan added.

Registration of brands for the December 1st campaign will close on October 17th. There are currently limited spaces for brands available. Interested brands are encouraged to register their interest on

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