Campari encourages its consumers to follow their passions in a series of films featuring pioneering artists from across the globe

Campari, the iconic Italian red aperitif has launched an inspirational new digital campaign featuring a unique partnership with remarkable artists from around the world, bringing to life the brand’s newly evolved ethos of Red Passion – the urge inside us that is impossible to ignore.

The campaign features hero video content and impactful visuals showing Red Passion come alive as the protagonists leave their comfort zone, transforming their passion into an outstanding creation.

The content invites the audience to discover their own Red Passion, recognising the force that lives inside them, and embracing the challenge to give it shape in the path to creation.

Since its birth in 1860, Campari has been a source of passionate inspiration, thanks to a history as rich and deep as the liquid itself, seen through its founders’ creative genius.

Campari has not only inspired passion in bartenders across the world to create iconic masterpieces at the forefront of cocktail culture, such as the Negroni and the Americano, but also through art and creativity, inspiring artists and filmmakers alike.

Campari’s visionary and forward-thinking attitude has constantly pushed the boundaries of creativity to go beyond the norm, exploring uncharted languages of advertising and tapping into the talent of artists, painters and designers.

The brand’s deep-rooted affiliation with the creative world has seen limitless creations with world famous names such as Fellini and Sorrentino to name a few, to visually express Campari’s passion and creativity in an intriguingly evocative way.

The new Red Passion campaign is the latest in a long-standing series of unique, creative collaborations as Campari partners with ground-breaking artists, spanning creative expression across a variety of fields, from dance, to bartending to music and filmmaking.

Showcasing how each individual has followed their passion and gone beyond the ordinary Matt Lambert, a true Red Passion advocate at heart, developed this series of evocative video clips where the protagonists shift into and embrace their Red Passion in a way that is perfectly depicted to inspire others.

On discussing the films, Matt Lambert says; “I was thrilled to be part of this new chapter with Campari and to collaborate with artists and personalities that reflect a creative power and passion so in tune with today.”

The visuals include evocative bursts of colour and emotion, depicting creatives in the shift from normal passion to true poignant and profound Red Passion found within themselves, showing spectacular shots and powerful music.

Featuring in the mini-series is disruptive, forward-thinking and entrepreneurial bartender Monica Berg, renowned for her extraordinary bartending techniques and awarded most influential person in her industry in 2020. To describe Red Passion she declares; “It’s a feeling, it’s a vibe, it’s not necessarily something you can force, but when you see it, you know it and you simply can’t ignore it!”

Alongside, Bendik Giske an ultra-expressive and highly talented artist and saxophonist delivers an eye-catching performance throughout, taking his instrument and audience to another dimension in his evolving manifestation of Red Passion.

Avant-garde and energetic director Margot Bowman, who, as well as featuring in the short clips, also took part in behind the scenes activity, describes her creative process as follows; “My creative process is pleasurable. I think pleasure is a really important part of it. I am very curious, so everything really starts with curiosity and just a sort of fascination with the world and the people around us.”

MJ Harper, a remarkably graceful and expressive performance artist and choreographer whose dance and body language stirred and moved people from all walks of life says about Red Passion and creativity; “What’s interesting about it is, that depending on how it’s pushed or not pushed, you will find people who are actually active in their creativity and people who are very much passive.

The series of videos featuring each artist are part of a wider digital campaign set to guide viewers on their journey to discovering and embracing their inner Red Passion. With Campari as a leitmotiv throughout, the hyper visual assets bring to life passion in all its form and in turn provides beautiful, metaphorical renditions of the most famous Campari cocktails.

The videos will start to go live as of 5 October 2020 on YouTube, the Campari Website and Instagram with additional videos releasing in November.

Francesco Cruciani, Managing Director Italian Icons at Campari Group commented: “With a rich legacy and history in fuelling passion and creativity, Campari constantly inspires and challenges people, encouraging them to keep their Red Passions alive in the path to creation. This was true in the time of Gaspare and Davide Campari and still is to this day, where we constantly aim to go beyond the expected. Working with Director Matt Lambert to deliver his unique style and artists such as Monica, Bendik, MJ and Margot was truly eye opening as we saw Red Passion in action, front row. We want to invite everyone to follow their lead!”

The campaign was devised by creative agency Wunderman Thompson, all films produced by Movie Magic with a digital strategy lead by We Are Social.

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