Interactive Game Display at New York Times Square To Raise Awareness

In support of world hunger relief efforts, HNA Group, a Fortune 500 company focused on tourism, logistics and financial services launched its #ShareMoreDreamMore campaign in Times Square, New York City, engaging more than 10,000 active participants in the first week of the campaign.

The campaign which commenced on 22 May 2017 and runs live through 4 June 2017 uses an advanced interactive billboard on one of New York City’s busiest street corners to raise awareness around the critical issue of hunger in Ghana. Visitors who wave their smart phones in front of the billboard have the opportunity to learn about the plight in Ghana and access a website via their mobile phone to learn more about this important issue. They can then find out how they can personally make a difference in Ghanaian girls’ lives.

“Since 2013, HNA Group has donated over US$1 million/£782,200 to help end hunger, increasing food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture by 2030. We remain committed to providing healthy meals to families in Ghana and hope our engaging #ShareMoreDreamMore campaign will help highlight the issues and facilitate ways for more people to join us in taking action,” said Gao Jian, Chief Operating Officer of HNA.

Over the past two decades, HNA Group has made corporate social responsibility a top priority. To date, the company has made approximately US$1.45/£1.13 billion in charitable contributions geared toward ecological sustainability, eradication of poverty, social equality and disaster relief.

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