The brand is reintroducing the signature Surge with a rigorous digital and social media campaign to announce its nationwide debut

After a 12-year hiatus, Burger King has resurrected due to popular demand, the Frozen Frozen Surge, its citrus-flavoured cold beverage from The Coca-Cola Company. Something of a cult favourite, the returning signature offering which was discontinued in 2002, has since been deemed sacred by die-hard fans and 90s aficionados.

“The popularity of Surge has stood the test of time, and the overwhelming demand from fans drove our decision to bring it back. We’re expanding the signature taste and distinctive colour of Surge to frozen form and making it available to the masses,” said Bobby Oliver, Director Citrus Brands at Coca-Cola North America.

The Frozen Surge is available only at Burger King restaurants.
The Frozen Surge is available only at Burger King restaurants

Beginning 16 November 2012, the fast food giant will be the exclusive provider of and destination for the drink, which will be available at participating restaurants across the United States. The product launch is being supported by a digital and social media push starring 1990s icon and campaign brand ambassador, Pauly Shore.

For the spot, the actor and comedian brings back his famous ‘Weasel’ persona to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting crew members and guests of a Burger King outlet with Frozen Frozen Surge in hand. The video has rolled out across a dedicated website as well as YouTube.

“Surge is a classic brand with a passionate, cult-like following so it’s the perfect collaboration for us. We are really excited to re-introduce Surge to our guests and bring it to a new generation with a brain-freezing twist,” said Eric Hirschhorn, Chief Marketing Officer of Burger King in North America.

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