To celebrate Fourth of July, Budweiser again joins White House efforts to say “America, you can officially grab a beer on us”

Independence Day has always been a holiday of great pride, tradition and celebration in the United States, but it holds extra significance this year. The holiday weekend marks a time when many Americans are continuing to reunite with loved ones since the beginning of the pandemic and Anheuser-Busch and its iconic brand, Budweiser, are celebrating this patriotic milestone as only America’s leading brewer can do.

Budweiser has released a digital film entitled “Go Fourth, America” which puts a modern-day spin on the iconic presidential speech from the movie Independence Day. In addition, as part of its national campaign with the White House announced earlier this month, Budweiser parent company Anheuser-Busch is officially unlocking its beer giveaway in celebration of the 4th of July weekend and recognition of how far we’ve come in the fight against COVID-19.

“When we teamed up with White House to encourage Americans to get vaccinated, we recommitted to using our unique capabilities and deep connection to consumers to lead the safe and strong recovery of our country and economy,” said Michel Doukeris, CEO of Anheuser-Busch.

“As people get back together with friends and family for Independence Day, we are celebrating the progress we’ve made together with the best way we know-how – over a beer – and are delivering on our promise of beer for America. There is no more iconic brand than Budweiser which is also stepping up to mark this extra special 4th of July holiday with an ad that reflects the very best of the American spirit.”

Doukeris will take over the role of global CEO of Anheuser-Busch InBev starting 1 July.

In Budweiser’s film, actor Bill Pullman reprises his famous fictional presidential role for the first time in 25 years, using his platform to encourage America to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday and come together once again to commemorate everything the people of America have overcome.

As a part of its ongoing commitment to aiding recovery from the pandemic, “Go Fourth, America” also highlights a donation from Budweiser to Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organisation focused on enabling vaccine access in both the US and globally. Since the onset of the pandemic, Direct Relief has supported 50 US states and 105 countries, all with the overarching goal of global vaccine distribution and COVID-19 relief.

“I can’t imagine a better or more meaningful moment to reprise this iconic role than Independence Day this year,” said Pullman. “I am proud to partner with Budweiser on its continued efforts to promote COVID-19 vaccination awareness and education. While the world has overcome so much in the past year and a half, there is still more work to be done. I hope this film can serve as a beacon of hope and progress for our country and beyond.”

Pullman’s speech in “Go Fourth, America” celebrates how America has rallied together to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and encourages the country to look towards a brighter future. The story follows the speech’s broadcast live across the country, from billboards in Times Square to backyard barbecues, as the American people gather to celebrate July 4th safely.

Independence Day fans will also notice Easter eggs throughout the ad, such as the jacket Bill wears during the speech, an RV like the one in the original movie and a glimpse of Area 51. “Go Fourth, America” ends by announcing the partnership with Direct Relief where Budweiser calls for consumers to join in its continued mission to support awareness and education around COVID-19 vaccines.

“Anheuser-Busch and our brands have always been there for the moments that matter and this is undoubtedly one of those moments,” said Marcel Marcondes, Chief Marketing Officer, Anheuser-Busch. “Throughout the pandemic, our brands have pivoted their plans to best reach and serve our consumers. Now as the nation celebrates the 4th of July, it is a natural fit for us to be there again.”

In addition to flagship brand Budweiser’s tribute, the country’s leading brewer has more planned as America celebrates the holiday weekend. Earlier this month, Anheuser-Busch proudly joined the White House’s efforts to meet President Biden’s goal of getting 70% of American adults partially vaccinated by July 4th.

While the country is still working to achieve that milestone, in line with the White House’s encouragement to be back together again this weekend in celebration of our progress as a nation, the company is making good on its promise to reward the country for its vaccination progress by giving consumers “a round on us” this holiday weekend.

Beginning Friday, 2 July, 12:00 PM ET through Monday, 5 July, 11:59 PM ET, adults 21+ can go to and upload a picture of you in your favourite place to grab a beer, whether with friends at your favourite local bar and restaurant, with family in your own backyard, or at a ballgame with colleagues.

“We are so honoured that after 25 years, Bill Pullman has chosen to work with Budweiser to reprise a role that for so many, holds a special place in their hearts,” said Daniel Blake, Group VP Marketing, Budweiser & Value at Anheuser-Busch. “Both Bill and Budweiser share similar beliefs in the value of perseverance and the importance of coming together against a common enemy – first aliens and now a global pandemic.”

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