Josh Abbott Band and Siggno Partners with Bud Light to Honour 30 Plus Years of Brewing in the Lonestar US State

Bud Light, a light lager brand, announced a new campaign aimed at going big in Texas in 2018 with multifaceted programming across the state. After launching a successful regional programme in 2017, the brand will take its “Brewed Deep in the Heart” campaign to the next level with an ongoing music partnership with Texas-native musicians Siggno and Josh Abbott Band.

The creative campaign, which encompasses TV, digital, and radio commercials in both English and Spanish, will be featured along with special edition Texas packaging featuring the Texas Lonestar and a cutout of the state on the tab.

A new Texas-specific commercial (seen above) featuring Houston Brewery employee Hannah Kight, “Stamping Iron”, debuted on 12 February; Other TV creatives will be launched later in 2018. Additionally, the Texan-pride tabs will feature a cutout of the state on all Texas-edition packaging.

“We have been brewing Bud Light in Texas for over 30 years, so today I am pleased to announce the new partners and creative we have lined up for 2018. Texas has always been an important market to our business, and Josh Abbott Band and Siggno are true Texas musicians and are the perfect addition to our programming in the state. We are excited to activate with them in 2018,” said Andy Goeler, Vice President, Marketing, Bud Light.

In celebration of its Texan roots, the brand enlisted the help of Josh Abbott Band to re-record the iconic Texan song, “Deep in the Heart of Texas”. The track will be performed on the multi-city Josh Abbott Band tour statewide, and will be featured in one of Bud Light’s new Texas-focused commercials.

Larger music programming in the region will fuel fan engagement, as Bud Light will be the sponsor for Josh Abbott Band ‘Brewed Deep in the Heart’ regional tour, and Siggno’s 100-show “Monster Tour” tour into spring 2018.

“We want our fans to have the best experience at all of our shows, whether singing along, having a few cold beers, or just enjoying our music with friends. When we got the news that Bud Light was going big in Texas in 2018, we were excited to join forces and knew we had to be a part of it.

“‘Deep in the Heart of Texas’ is such an iconic song that everyone knows it in the state and as proud Texans, we are thrilled to be able to record our version of it and that it will be used as part of Bud Light’s campaign,” said Josh Abbott.

“Texas is our home and our Texan fans have inspired our music for nearly 20 years. We are so honoured to be a part of Bud Light’s ‘Brewed Deep in the Heart’ campaign and look forward to seeing our fans on the road,” said Siggno, whose 100-city tour kicks off in February, sponsored by Bud Light.

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