Side-by-side with the original 1958 images, Baby Magic has worked to re-imagine a classic push so that it features four millennial dads-to-be.

Global infant care giant, Baby Magic is commemorating its sixty-fifth anniversary with a campaign that shines the spotlights on fathers. While dads have often been portrayed as taking a backseat in parenting, studies show that today’s millennial dads are hands-on in child rearing.

Titled Dads in the Making and set for October, the push revisits one of the brand’s campaigns from the 50s dubbed For Every Lady in Waiting, which featured expectant mothers—a taboo image at the time—in maternity wear, which was considered a courageous take on pregnancy.

Baby Magic has recreated the aforementioned ad series with a modern twist. Side-by-side with the original 1958 images, the group has worked to re-imagine the campaign so that it features four dads-to-be. The ads are a nod to the changing landscape in parenting, and stars men from all walks of life.

The line-up includes a musician, Kirk Thurmond; skilled woodworker, Julian Pastrana; mixologist, Kyle Hilla; and Asia Pacific business development head of Naterra, Jon Song. The creatives detail the role they play in their family’s lives and captures their respective personas on camera.

“The millennial dad is becoming an influential force. As we celebrate magic memories for parents worldwide, we want to shine a light on outstanding dads everywhere who are changing the way society looks at fatherhood,” said Laurie Enright, Director of Marketing of Baby Magic.

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