Aviation Gin and Ryan Reynolds rewards leap year babies born on February 29, 1936, with first legal drink

Last Saturday, Aviation Gin, one of the fastest-growing American gin brands owned by Ryan Reynolds, released a video in celebration of Leap Day and the world’s oldest 21-year-old.

The video stars Pittsburgh resident, Arlene Manko, who was born on Leap Day in 1936, meaning her birthday comes once every four years.

To anyone who sees Arlene, she would seem an elderly 80-something-year-old. But seeing as she was a leap year baby born in 1936, it meant that the Leap Day that just passed was her official 21st birthday.

To celebrate, Reynolds and Aviation wanted to make sure her first legal drink was Aviation Gin.

Arlene successfully brought out the unusual situation of leap day babies into the spotlight, who “technically” have had to wait a very long time to have a proper, legal drink. And what better marketing strategy than to pose one’s brand as the best alcohol brand for first-time legal drinkers who have had to wait for so long.

“30,679 days I’ve waited to turn 21. Technically, I was five when I got married,” Arlene tells viewers.

In this humourous campaign, the brand sought to honour anyone who was born on February 29, 1936, people who had patiently waited so many years to finally ring in their 21st birthday.

Those of the “legal leap year drinking age” were asked to email Ryan Reynolds personally for a gift card to an online spirits retailer.

The campaign was a typical Ryan Reynolds-touch campaign, and featured his voice narrating the story to viewers.

The video was created by Maximum Effort in collaboration with creative agency 160over90. Maximum Effort Productions is owned by Ryan Reynolds and was launched with George Dewey, an ex-McCann creative and current President of the company. Together, they churn out the best marketing material for Aviation Gin.

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