American Express US Open ad brings out real emotions from real people

In its latest campaign, which aired on Monday during the US Open this week, American Express strengthens its position as being “right behind you” with its theme, “Backing to Thrive”. The brand has been a major presence during the annual sporting event.

The highly evocative, minute-long spot features many random scenes depicting the credit card brand as always being there through life’s ups and downs. The ad, directed by well-known director from Pretty Bird Production, Max Malkin, is noticeably shot from behind people who go through different life situations.

It features a violin rendition of Grammy nominee and winner Brandi Carlile‘s The Joke. Played by a little girl during a recital, the affecting rendition carries viewers through an emotional experience through life’s various episodes before finally coming to an end with the girl all grown up, implying the brand’s presence as people achieve their dreams and ambitions.

From dancing with your loved ones to holding your newborn baby, the campaign brings out the sense of real emotions from real people.

Just over a year ago, AmEx’s campaign at the Open featured Lin-Manuel Miranda which focused on what you should not do if an engaging, passionate life is what you seek. It was about the power of supporting communities, not the ones people are born into, but the ones they create for themselves.

This year, however, the spot find its centre on each of AmEx’s customers, showing that the brand will be there through thick and thin.

“This year’s work is designed to create an emotional connection for the American Express brand, for both prospects and cardmembers,” AmEx said in a statement. “It gives a unique perspective and highlights a variety of people at various stages of life.”

The spot shows that good ads do not need to have the brand shoved down people’s throats. A few simple visual cues and unexpected points of view are enough to get the message across—though the same message through the years, but which still seems to carry the idea that the brand cares for its customers through everything.

This ad was created by Mcgarrybowen.

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