In-house creative agency team in partnership with production studio SPLICE produced each 15-second spot.

Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America (Allianz Life) announced the launch of four new TV ads that will start airing on the Golf Channel during the Allianz Championship, which runs 6-8 February. Developed by its in-house creative agency team in partnership with production studio SPLICE, the ads build on Allianz Life’s popular “Pronounced: Ahh-lee-ahnz” ad campaign, providing consumers with examples of how Allianz can help put the “Ahhh in Retirement.”

“We’re excited to share this messaging with our target audience and provide more detail about how Allianz can be an effective partner in their retirement planning strategy,” said Allianz Life Assistant Vice President U.S. Marketing, Brand and Creative Services Julia Gutz Moller. “We’re confident these ads will connect with consumers and help drive the retirement planning conversation.”

Each 15-second ad focuses on a different aspect of how to build a more comfortable retirement, including retirement income, Social Security, the importance of a product/service provider’s financial strength, and the need for a variety of solutions to meet today’s changing American family. These messages are brought to life with lively animated graphics, helping to illustrate the benefits of working with Allianz. In addition, each ad prompts viewers to see a financial professional or visit for more information.

The Allianz Life Brand and Marketing Services Department is responsible for the brand, advertising, media and creative approach for all marketing materials. The department consists of project leaders, art directors, copywriters, print producers and a variety of specialists in the creative field. Providing the best results for the customer, the team creates the marketing materials that support financial professionals in the sales process. They also create regional advertising collateral and communications pieces for the Meetings & Events and Internal Communications groups as well as internal graphics and messaging that reinforces the brand.

To view each ad, visit

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