Old Spice transforms New York City’s concrete jungle into lush pine forest with experiential vending machine, offering prizes in exchange for bountiful nature items.

Harnessing nature’s power and the ridiculousness that has become a staple of its iconic marketing campaigns, Old Spice today launched its “Smell As Great As Nature Is” integrated marketing campaign to support its newly introduced, outdoor-inspired Fresher Collection, including new scents Timber, Amber and Citron. The nature-themed television spots – “Nest,” “Log,” “Roar,” “Woods” and “Coconut” – hilariously illustrate the overwhelming freshness and unexpected benefits of the great outdoors through the eyes and noses of guys using Fresher Collection deodorant, body spray, body wash and shampoo.

“When a guy uses our new Fresher Collection, the scent names not only tell him what he’s getting, but have the power to transport him to nature,” said John Sebastian, Old Spice Brand Director at Procter & Gamble. “We’ve captured the essence of the Fresher Collection’s transformation powers in this campaign, whether it’s a bear encounter brought on by the smell of Timber or a relaxing and equally absurd boulder recliner on the beach as a result of using Fiji.”

Developed with advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy (Portland), the new Fresher Collection television commercials are currently available on the brand’s social media channels on Facebook (Facebook.com/OldSpice) and YouTube (YouTube.com/OldSpice). All five spots can be seen in rotation on national television starting Sunday, 8 Feb., with airings during NBA All-Star Weekend on TNT, during The Walking Dead on AMC in mid-February, as well as other popular sports, entertainment, humour and men’s interest broadcast and online media outlets.

  • “Nest” (:15) – A majestic hawk descends to her nest amongst the treetops. She opens her mouth to feed her young, with surprising results.
  • “Log” (:15) – Our outdoorsmen is enjoying the surroundings on a giant log when he takes a deep whiff of Fresher Collection Timber deodorant. True nature then reveals itself.
  • “Roar” (:15) – The Fresher Collection outdoorsman has a surreal encounter with one very large Grizzly Bear.
  • “Woods” (:15) – Our hero outdoorsman explores a lush pine forest and discovers nature, thanks to Timber Re-fresh Body Spray.
  • “Coconut” (:15) – On a secluded island beach, the outdoorsman learns that the Fresher Collection truly is Betterer than Nature.

Fresher Collection Nature Exchange Vending Machine Fan Experience

In celebration of the Fresher Collection launch and because Old Spice is always looking for unique and surprising ways to reward its fans, the manliest grooming brand on the planet is bringing an outrageous display of nature to New York’s concrete jungle with the Old Spice Nature Exchange Vending Machine at Grand Central Terminal’s East Vanderbilt Hall. Available from 12-14 February, the vending machine will offer Old Spice fans and commuters the opportunity to exchange nature’s bounty such as leaves, sticks, acorns and pine cones for outrageous prizes ranging from guitars and telescopes, a bungee jump vacation, and for one intrepid car fanatic, a legendary European sports car decked out in Old Spice red.

Building on the success of the brand’s popular Fresh Collection and delivering what guys want most – fresh, clean scents with names that are easily recognizable – Old Spice recently introduced three new masculine scents inspired by the freshest ingredients in nature, each with descriptive names and scents that guys know and can place, Timber, Amber and Citron. All five Fresher Collection scents are available in anti-perspirant/deodorant, deodorant, body wash and body spray. Timber and Fiji also are available in shampoo and bar soap.

The new Fresher Collection lineup of nature-scented anti-perspirant/deodorants feature P&G’s odor fighting donut technology which releases bursts of fresh scent as sweat occurs and also traps any odour that may form. In more scientific terms, the Old Spice BCD technology features a cyclic molecule with a core that is preloaded with fragrance. As a guy sweats, fragrance is pushed out of the core releasing bursts of fresh scent.

Old Spice Nature Scent Study

Researchers have been producing ground-breaking new evidence that even smelling nature scents can have the same calming effect on the body as enjoying the great outdoors in person. These studies inspired Old Spice to partner with Innerscope Research to see if the new nature-inspired scents of the Fresher Collection have the same powerful effects. Similar to the lie detector tests detectives employ or facial coding techniques used by intelligence agencies, Innerscope conducted a battery of tests on 100 males, aged 18 to 34 years old. The researchers were able to compare the emotional response of smelling Fresher Collection scents to those found in nature, as well as to blank and neutral scents. Respondents also rated the Fresher Collection scents in terms of their masculinity and their power to conjure images of nature. Key findings included:

  • Smelling Old Spice Fresher Collection makes you feel as good as smelling nature.
  • Smelling Old Spice Fresher Collection relaxes you as much as smelling nature.
  • The scents of Old Spice Fresher Collection are associated with masculine activities.

Learn more about the Old Spice Fresher Collection, the Fresher Collection’s anti-perspirant technology and the Old Spice Nature Scent Study from this exclusive video. Additional study details are available, upon request.

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