AC Hotels by Marriott Maps Global Expansion

AC Hotels Marriott

Spreading its footprint worldwide, the brand is scheduled to launch 22 design-led properties across 10 countries throughout 2016

Boutique lifestyle chain, AC Hotels by Marriott, is slated to roll out 22 new design-led properties in an effort to cater to the growing market of millennial-mindset travellers. Debuting in 2016, the first five locations include the cities of Chester (Ohio), Boston (Massachusetts), Marseille (France), Guadalajara, and Queretaro in Mexico.

Other spots marked the same roadmap are Asheville (North Carolina), Panama City (Panama), San Jose (California), Atlanta (Georgia), Rio Barra de Tijuca, Rio Porto Maravilha (Brazil), Herzliya (Israel), Birmingham, Manchester (England), Cambridge (Massachusetts), Tempe (Arizona), and Santiago (Chile).

Meanwhile, the final five encompass the territories of Des Moines (Iowa), Santa Fe (Mexico), Minneapolis (USA), Mainz (Germany), and Wroclaw (Poland). Merging the contemporary accents of European soul and Spanish roots, the marque’s signature is based on the vision of renowned hotelier, Antonio Catalan.

He founded the brand 1998, developing its presence into a formidable footprint in Spain. Following its success in Europe, a joint venture was formed with Marriott International in 2011, which launched AC Hotels by Marriott globally into France, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, and the United States.

Given its overall objective and target audience, the group thrives on the resounding promise of elevation and necessity, and thereby eliminates the trap of making guests pay for what isn’t needed. Rather, its unique selling point is eloquent design to improve lives.

“AC Hotels by Marriott is a new breed of lifestyle hotels created to inspire the next-generation traveller through innovative design and appeal to a large and growing demographic, with a robust development pipeline to match,” said Tina Edmundson, Global Officer, Luxury and Lifestyle Brands at Marriott International.