Jenny Craig Unzips New Season with Fresh Squeeze

The new ad campaign includes television, print, and digital elements as well as Hollywood icon and return spokesperson, Kirstie Alley

Weight loss giant, Jenny Craig, has unveiled a new marketing campaign featuring its celebrity spokesperson, Kirstie Alley, as well as a series television, print, and digital advertisements. Scheduled to launch in January, the push will see the actress return to the set of Cheers to show off her 50-pound shed.

Also included the commercial are former cast members George Wendt who played the character ‘Norm’ and John Ratzenberger who starred as ‘Cliff’ on the popular television show. Entitled I’m Back, the star uses the platform to discuss the success she’s seen with her Jenny Craig programme.

The roll-out marks the first time the trio have reunited on the sitcom’s set. Meanwhile, the brand will be introducing a complementary series highlighting real member successes across all marketing channels. The pilot ad slated to debut in line with the added extension is dubbed Thank You.

The clip focuses on a member named Sloane, her weight loss, and how her family has been positively impacted by the health transition she has experienced. It explores what her husband and son would say to Jenny Craig herself. Additionally, the creative will showcase a fresh variety of breakfast, dessert, and entrée items.

“Our 2016 campaign is a continuation of a direction that continues to be successful and ties back to our core brand positioning—our personal consultants and healthy portioned food. We stand apart on a competitive landscape by staying true to the personalised experience we offer,” said Monty Sharma, CEO and President of Jenny Craig.

On the same note, the brand is expanding on its existing member-based promotional push themed The Moment. The said pillar celebrates a position of strength through realisation, while set to entail a string of personal triumphs encountered at the end of the featured members’ respective journeys.