AB InBev unveils an angel in the details of its latest brew, Victoria


ABInBev honours its Belgian roots by featuring St. Michael, patron saint of Brussels, whose statues are seen all around the city and the famed Grand Place

There’s a new strong blond on the scene and it’s turning a lot of heads. ABInBev has released its latest beer and here are six facts about Victoria, a Belgian original brewed as a tribute Brussels, its beloved capital, that’s inspiring us all to ‘dare to be good’ – starting with the delicious beer in our glasses.

There’s no room for artificial in this bottle. The brand’s latest brew is made using 100% natural ingredients printed right on the label, giving consumers confidence that they’re enjoying authentic taste in every sip.

To honour its Belgian roots, the Victoria label features St. Michael, patron saint of Brussels, whose statues are seen all around the city and the famed Grand Place. The image of the archangel defeating evil is from a famed 1635 painting by Guido Reni that hangs in the Vatican.

A unique brewing process, natural ingredients and high carbonation combine to make this 8.5% beer remarkably drinkable. It’s made using three kinds of hops including the 700-year-old hop variety Saaz, plus the Fuggles hop, which adds slightly floral notes and the dryness typical for a strong blond.

Victoria’s high carbonation level is built up by refermentation, which takes four weeks at 26°C in the cellars of the brewery and brings more complexity to every sip.

With 100% natural ingredients and the angelic St. Michael on its label, a bold, new marketing campaign for Victoria urges us to #DareToBeGood and conquer evil in our daily lives.

The name of our strong blond is a nod to the word “victory” commemorating an important moment in Belgian history, the French bombardment of Brussels in 1695 – a date that also graces every bottle.

Since its launch in May, the consumer response to Victoria beer has been increasingly positive, and we’re excited to keep serving up a delicious, drinkable strong blond to the people of Belgium—all for the greater good.


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