World Branding Forum’s highly anticipated World Branding Award ceremony took place on Thursday at the renowned royal residence, Kensington Palace. The Brand of the Year event was the first in-person since before the pandemic, and it saw brands from across the globe come together to celebrate their achievements and network with one another. 

“The branding awards ceremony is a celebration of some of the best brands from across the globe. The branding Awards acknowledge the tireless effort put in by the brand’s teams that build and maintain presence in an ever-evolving market.” expressed World Branding Forum’s Chairman Richard Rowles.

To begin, the brands met for an incalculable networking session inside the palace. This was then followed by the awards ceremony itself and gala dinner! The event was hosted by the magnetic television presenter, Jemma Forte! The event also featured a speech conducted by Chris Sanderson, CEO and Founder of ‘The Future Laboratory’ a global marketing and brand consultancy working for some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

This year over 150,000 consumers participated in the nomination process globally. On average there are only 5 winning brands in each country, further proving that winning a World Branding Award is indeed a remarkable achievement.

The World Branding Forum’s World Branding Award team, would like to express congratulations once again to all of the winning and participating brands this year! 

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