The 18-year career at Gucci ends for Robert Triefus. Bringing a twist to the story, this former Gucci executive now bears the New CEO Stone Island badge.

Stone Island
Image Source Stone Island

Being associated with a notable brand like Gucci and its derivatives, like Gucci Flora, Triefus has gained a quality experience. In 2008, he entered this luxury house as a senior executive vice president. Triefus has been handling Gucci Vault and Metaverse programs for the past six months.

Moreover, his career retrospective is not restricted to Gucci. Also, he has worked as EVP of marketing and communications with other brands, such as Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein

Moncler Group created this footwear brand in March 2021. Reportedly, this firm has acquired a 23% boost in its revenue during its first quarter. Further, Stone Island also shows improvement with a 5% increase in its sales.

Chairman and CEO of Stone Island’s parent company Moncler expressed his view on this appointment, “After a first phase during which the company has taken direct control of its most important markets while developing a strong direct-to-consumer culture, Robert will now be instrumental in driving the strategic development and resonance of the Stone Island brand worldwide, always capitalizing on its unique roots.”

Gucci is a fashion world where is popular products, such as Gucci bag and Gucci watch, is ruling over the market. Then why does Robert Triefus make this huge decision of giving up Gucci’s identity?

Many people speculate on Robert Triefus’s abrupt decision of abandoning Gucci last month. However, nothing is clear yet! But please note one thing is for sure Robert Triefus is stepping into the position of CEO of Stone Island on June 1. From there onwards, he will handle the second phase of development.

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