This Wednesday, Skechers announces the ‘Richard Paker’ promotion to Managing Director. Formerly, Peter Youell held this position for over 18 years. Interestingly, the company bears two new promotions. Richard Parker transitioned into a managing director and Peter Youell gets a full time adviser role for key international projects.


Richard Parker has been with Skechers for more than a decade – starting with minor posts at this footwear brand to handling national accounts, such as Amazon. Within this time, Parker has only shown a progressive graph. Now, he’s ready to pursue his director responsibilities under the presiding chief executive.

Just like Skechers arch fit perfectly, similarly, its managing director, advisor, and executive will work together to strengthen users’ experience.

The Skechers UK business has been a key factor in determining this brand’s success. Also, the company acquires a new record of $7.4 billion. Whether it’s Skechers boots, Sketcher menswear, or Pavers shoes, there has been a booming success altogether.

But one thing to consider here is that during Peter Youell’s reign, Skechers has experienced sharp progress from £10m to £200m business. But Richard Parker’s role in this industry is inevitable. Being as a national sales manager, Parker has helped this business to acquire the status that it enjoys now.

Chief Operating Officer at Skechers while appreciating Parker’s role said, “As we look to drive growth across the UK in the coming years. We have promoted Skechers veteran Richard Parker to managing director of Skechers United Kingdom and Ireland.”

Adding to this, he continued, “We believe that with his varied experience, business acumen, and success within the organization and market relationships, he will excel in his new role—one aptly served by Peter Youell for nearly 20 years.”

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