AMD Ryzen 7840U has entered the tech market with a bang. Evolving to its full potential, its manufacturers claim a clear win over Apple M2.

Apple has been wearing the Cupertino crown for many years. However, AMD is now coming out and flaunting its latest laptop chips. These 7000 series claim to beat leading tech giants, such as Intel and Apple.

Due to the Ryzen 7840U performance efficiency, many big names in the tech market are galloping towards it. These prominent firms include Lenovo, Acer, HP, Razer, and Framework.

With its powerful application performance and productivity, AMD Ryzen can sweep off Apple Macbook Pro. Even it can overpower the Intel Core i7.

However, the valid argument here is not AMD Vs. Intel but AMD Vs. Apple M2. Is AMD Ryzen 7840U superpowerful enough to take away Apple’s ‘king of efficiency’ crown?

Let’s proceed and find out.

For a comparative outlook, one must know accurate statistics to compare AMD Ryzen with Apple M2. Let’s dig in!

 AMD Ryzen 7840U vs Apple M2

Apple M2
Image Source AMD

In terms of Web Browsing, both of them stand at almost equal ranking. AMD sits at 105%, while Apple M2 is at 100%. Similarly, when we compare them for Image Editing, AMD scores 108%, and Apple’s new M2 gets 100%.

In a similar fashion, 3d Rendering and Responsiveness get AMD 109% and 114% and offer Apple M2 100% and 100%. Moreover, in Passmark 10, AMD scores 175%, and Apple M2 falls at 100%.

Incredible Game Performance

Apple M2
Image source AMD

Ryzen chips will be incorporating Radeon 760M and 740M GPUs. Due to this, Ryzen 7000 series deliver exceptional gaming comfort. For instance, in DOTA 2, AMD Ryzen efficiency accentuates to 130%, while Intel Core i7 rests at 100%.

Interestingly, Ryzen’s efficiency was boosted to 239% in Cyberpunk 2077. Hence, AMD’s claim is not vague that this laptop chip offers 24% application performance.

Also, AMD Ryzen 7840U isn’t alone in supporting a 15-to-30-watt lineup. Its counterparts Ryzen 9, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 3 are also delivering the same, featuring three distinct graphics.

However, one thing which is unclear yet, is its battery life, while Apple MacBook Air M2 is ruling for its robust battery life. Will AMD Ryzen 7840U be able to chase this?

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