Is Apple’s VR Headset Following iPad Blueprints to Create Apps?


The tech giant, ‘Apple,’ is geared to launch its most anticipated mixed-reality headset. This new interface, with a bunch of good apps, will be a very expensive gadget for passionate tech buyers.

Apple all ready to exhibit the new era of technology

Significantly, AR/VR headset’s cutting-edge features will get you exclusive sports, gaming, and fitness apps, mainly based on Ipad blueprints. Many speculate that that wireless headset will be an adaptive version of iPad apps. Let’s explain how one can physically manifest these.

But hold on! Are you willing to pay a whopping cost of $3000 for this? What’s so special about it that a person buys this killer gadget?

Looking back at different technological advancement phases, you’ll find a reasonable answer to buying a specific gadget. Undoubtedly, you’ve to buy Macintosh personal computing for undisputed reasons. Buying an iPod makes sense as it integrates thousands of songs into a teensy tiny gadget. Similarly, you have bought an Ipad as it bridges the gap between Iphone and Mac. Apple Watch assesses your fitness, and one can easily answer why keeping an Airpods.

However, the question arises, “Why should one invest this huge amount to get this mixed-reality wireless headset?”

What You’ll Get With This First Iteration of Headset



According to Bloomberg, one can get the following apps with Headset offerings;

  1. Firstly, not to your surprise, you’ll get conventional Apple apps, such as Safari, Weather apps, Mail, Maps, Messages, Calendars, etc. However, along with that, users can access millions of other apps on different platforms.
  2. Apple is performing trials on the Camera app to capture moments using this AR/VR headset. Also, Wellness and Mindfulness apps are making their way to this technologically advanced headset.
  3. There will also be iPad counterparts, such as FaceTime and Apple Tv.
  4. This rumored headset will enable you to read books with Apple books, collaborate on virtual whiteboards using Freeform, and use a virtual keyboard to maintain your files.
  5. Don’t worry! You can still hear Siri’s command voice which will add convenience.
  6. Apple wants you to feel real while playing video games and watching sports. That’s why Apple’s AR/VR headset brings about this worth-remembering experience.

What else will remind you of iPad is its ‘exclusive Home Screen and Control Center.’ Despite the headset’s unique capabilities, some Apple employees are not optimistic enough, possibly because of its high price tag.

It will be a matter of a few months when the world will see how people react to this latest technology, landing soon at premier stores.

Maheen Fatima
Maheen Fatima
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