The advertising production gurus have pledged to offer all clients a carbon net-zero production solution by 2025, setting a new standard in the industry

London, UK – 21 June, 2023Murphy Cobb Associates (MCA), the global leader in production investment consultancy, today announced the launch of its Production Net Zero initiative. This is part of the company’s latest step forward in its sustainability efforts, including an industry-leading commitment to offering a net-zero solution for all clients’ productions by 2025.

To bolster this commitment, MCA has also signed a new partnership to support Ad Net Zero, a cross-industry coalition on a mission to reduce the carbon impact of developing, producing and running advertising to real net zero.

“The average carbon footprint of an advertising production is 12.8 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions, with some ads generating as much as 70 tonnes, equivalent to an average person’s emissions over a span of seven years. As a global industry, we cannot afford to sit still and do the same thing. It’s time for change,” says MCA’s founder and CEO Patrick Murphy. “Our carbon net-zero pledge is our primary focus and we are dedicated to accomplishing this goal within the next 18 months. We all have to take personal responsibility for driving action.”

Empowering clients with new approaches such as delivering virtual production at scale is just one of Production Net Zero’s core offerings that is set to redefine the content production lifecycle and shift the industry’s mindset towards more sustainable practices. Through the Production Net Zero initiative, MCA will be championing remote shooting and virtual sets to significantly reduce carbon emissions from productions by reducing travel and waste. They will also actively assist clients in measuring and benchmarking their environmental impact. By supporting Ad Net Zero and leveraging the resources of AdGreen, MCA will enable carbon calculations on every bid to ensure CSRD compliance ahead of the curve.

Murphy emphasises, “We believe in embracing new technology and working methods to achieve sustainable results. It requires unwavering partnerships which is why we are incredibly pleased to enter into the partnership with Ad Net Zero and work together to drive positive climate actions across the industry.”

On this, Rachel Schnorr, US Membership Director Ad Net Zero US comments, “We need changemakers like MCA to lead our industry into taking action and play our part to address the worldwide issue of climate change. With their support and direct advocacy for sustainable practices, we can expect an accelerated behavioural change through the practical applications of our resources and tools.”

Innovation, collaboration, and doing the right thing are at the core of MCA’s ethos. Join MCA on this incredible journey in driving Production Net Zero and collaboratively shape the future of advertising, where creativity, technology, and sustainability unite.

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