McDonald’s has launched a fun social campaign from Leo Burnett that will see the fast food chain rebrand its UK Twitter account as ‘Fries Claims,’ and will encourage McDonald’s fans to report the offences.

Louise Page, head of consumer communications and partnerships at McDonald’s UK and Ireland, said: “Fries Claims is a playful campaign that shines a light on the little rituals we all have when it comes to McDonald’s. The mischievous act of fry pinching is a universal experience, something we all relate to… so why not draw on this insight and have a bit of fun with it?”

A series of billboard and press ads call on McDonald’s fans to get involved. Taking inspiration from stereotypical small claims law firms, these ads use the ‘Fries Claims’ corporate branding alongside a lawyer asking: “Are you a victim of fry theft? Justice – and fries – will be served.”

Andrew Long and James Millers, creative directors at Leo Burnett UK, added: “Millions of McDonald’s fries are stolen every day, whether it’s your mate on the way home from the drive-thru or your dad after opening the door to the McDelivery driver. There has been nothing fans can do about fry theft… until now.”

They continued: “To raise awareness for the launch of the Fries Claims law firm we did what any law firm would do… from advertising to client testimonials. The idea ties into McDonald’s storytelling ambition of turning up in more innovative, less predictable ways.”

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