King Stingray took home the title of “the best album of 2022,” along with the coveted 18th Australian music prize 2023. This band had been among the top pick of nine incredible 2022 releases. However, King Stingray was successful in impressing a panel of 30 music industry judges for its incredible album.

On Wednesday, King Stingray members Roy Kellaway and Dimathaya Burarrwanga accepted the cash prize of $30,000 from the Australian Music Prize.

Roy Kellaway, guitarist, and a co-songwriter, expressed his sentiments, “We had so much fun making this record, and we hope that listeners can hear the joy that we had making it, as well as feel the joy for themselves. It really means the world to us to hear people enjoying the album.”

The Australian Music Prize (AMP) was announced in response to the UK’s Mercury prize. Due to this initiative, regional Australian musicians are now financially rewarded by authoritative bodies. This constructive act will increase their efficacy, exposure, and potential.

Before King Stingray, many bands had won this award, including Genesis, Owusu, Sampa the Great, and many more in the row.

King Stingray effortlessly merges Australian classics with spirited rock music. Besides, this talented band composes its music in dual language – English and Yolnu Matha.

Interestingly, this band extends its roots to the music group Yothi Yindi. This association is established due to their two band singers, Yirrnga Yunupingu and Roy Kellaway. These two singers have Yothu Yindi’s blood running in their bodies.

King Stingray’s debut album is gaining regional and global recognition. It saves the No.6 spot on the Aria Charts and earns five Aria Awards nominations.

Australian Music Prize judge, Grinspoon Frontman Phil Jamieson, said that King Stingray’s album had become his favorite album of the crop. He added, “Over time, I began to admire the beauty, joy, and deft instrumental maneuvers; a record full of bloody gorgeous arrangements! Turns out, I am a sucker for a debut.”



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