Entitled Can’t Resist, the new ad follows several characters as they undergo the excruciating inner struggle of resisting their KFC. From a stand-off over the last wing in a bucket to the frustration of waiting for friends to turn up, the film adopts a playful approach that gets its point across in the total absence of any dialogue.


According to Sam Coleman, whose direction has given the film a moody atmosphere that feels quite unexpected for the brand, the ad celebrates “the exact moment when resistance caves in and the characters succumb to KFC”.

“Allowing the actor to be caught in that moment before they give in, and letting that build up, seemed to be where the good stuff would be,” he adds. “I opted to let the tension build as much as possible and let each character interpret their own ‘breakdown’ without cutting.”

The film’s atmospheric feel is emphasised by the accompanying track – a cover of Screamin’ J Hawkins’ classic I Put a Spell on You – and the theatrical sets, which use neon signs, pouring rain and mood lighting to great effect.

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