Sustainable clothing brand Gomorrah has launched a 100 percent compostable line of menswear. Co-founders Itzett Romero and Max Sudak said they wanted to address the amount of fashion going to waste which they say has increased five-fold since the 1980s.

Gomorrah says it sources only plant-based fabrics and trims, including thread, labels and buttons, that can go directly into a compost bin after years of use.

“We need new apparel companies with progressive business models to offer better products with more value,” they said in a statement. “It’s vital to not place undue stress on the environment in the interest of business and profit.

“We’re at a point where human activity is the number one driver of planetary change. Traditional garment making is emission heavy and unhealthy for factory workers and their surrounding communities.”

The company’s compostable range features a selection of shirts with plant-based buttons priced at US$200 and t-shirts at US$45.

“Gomorrah is working to solve post-consumer textile waste and the stress Americans are placing on other countries as a result of our consumption habits,” added the co-founders.

“The answer isn’t to stop purchasing clothes and put millions of people out of work, but to disrupt an industry, surface a model, and have consumers make demands of other brands through the power of their dollars after they see that the model works – and that it even works in the luxury apparel space.”

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