Jupiter ArtLand: Everything You Need to Know

Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland is an epicenter of contemporary art lovers, present just on the outskirts of Edinburg. This 100-acre art land preserves the most giant and worth-watching art pieces ever.

Step into this magical place if you’re in the UK and don’t know what to do in Edinburg. Moreover, this sculpture park is a stunning place to appreciate outdoor spaces and exotic art. Jupiter Art land houses four internal gallery spaces to showcase breathtaking art.

Usually, people, after visiting National Portrait Gallery London, don’t miss out on the opportunity of visiting Jupiter Artland.

If you don’t know where’s Jupiter Artland, follow this address strictly; “the Steadings, Bonnington House, Wilkieston, Edinburgh EH27 8BY.”

Why Choose Jupiter Artland

What’s most exciting about visiting Jupiter art land is the vast range of sculptures. Bonnington House owners invite artists worldwide to fill the space with uniquely designed sculptures.

By merely submitting £9, you can enter this huge realm, which is well worth a visit. However, you can enjoy this exciting tour from May to September, as this place is closed to visitors from Oct-May.

Jupiter Artland
Image source The Scotsman

Its amazing collections include;

  • ‘Cells of Life’ by Charles Jencks is a collection of hills and lakes inspired by ‘cellular structure.’ One can see this at the entrance of Jupiter art land, with eight landforms and four lakes.
  • ‘Tiny Japanese bells’ by Christian Boltanski simulate a map of the stars.
  • ‘Rose of Walk’ by Pablo Bronstein is an enchanting place where live performances occur.
  • ‘Love Bomb’ by Marc Quinn is a 12-meter-high orchid. This giant sculpture presents exotic plants demonstrating human desires shaping the natural world. Moreover, these giant flowers demonstrate a human obsession with beauty.
  • Valuable learning resources for students

This art land propagates the concept of “self-discovery and exploration.” That’s why with the available Jupiter Artland map, you can discover this place. Further, this place also has a separate car park section, if you want to travel on foot. Unlike Yorkshire sculpture park, you can visit it on foot without tiring.