Relaunch of Know Beauty by Vanessa Hudgens

Know Beauty
Source: Know Beauty

The celebrated singer, actress, and entrepreneur Vanesa Hudgens recently announced the relaunch of her skincare brand ‘Know Beauty.’ In its latest form, the brand debuts a new detoxifying clay face mask for acne-prone skin.   

The company stated that the relaunch aims to “center Know Beauty around simple, effective, and elegant solutions to real skin problems, rather than yet another multi-step routine.”   

Know Beauty’s latest Glacial Bay Clay Mask is a wash-off mask made with mineral-infused blended clay. The clay mask focuses on acne and helps combat pesky breakouts. Moreover, it controls excess oil production to keep the skin fresh and glowing. It is a PETA-certified Cruelty-Free and Vegan product, harvested sustainably from Canada’s active glacier.   

The High-School Musical star initially launched Know Beauty in 2021 with singer Madison Beer. Formerly, it was a personalised skincare brand. However, the original concept was not resonating the way Hudgens desired. So, she and the entire Know Beauty team decided to take the risk. They relaunched the brand from scratch and tried something completely new.   

“We had to take a good, hard look at ourselves as a company and figure out what’s going to give us a reason to exist,” she says. “Know Beauty now is designed to solve one problem at a time. Just to be able to put all of the focus and attention into one thing, I think, is really important [to] give it the time and attention it deserves.”   

The rebrand features a single product, The Glacial Bay Clay mask, an Amazon exclusive. Hudgen and Cosmos Labs together developed and tested the mask over nine months. Hudgens plans to launch several other products soon. For now, the brand has only one product available on amazon and in Know Beauty stores.