The Oscars 2023, happening in only 3 days, would be an epic adventure for its viewers. With each passing day, people’s excitement is to the next level. Whereas speculations and predictions about Oscars nominees are echoing everywhere.

The Oscars 2023 is right upon us, and everyone’s attention is glued to the nominations, winners, and predictions. Let’s predict this most anticipated event in the entertainment industry.

Before proceeding, some of you’re still thinking about “When do the Oscars air 2023.” Without any doubt, it’s happening on 13 March, Monday at 1 am according to the UK time zone.

The 95th Academy awards is most exciting in many aspects. The most prominent is that there’re obvious frontrunners in many categories – making it the most anticipated and exciting event.

Let’s dig into this huge sea of speculations!

Best Picture


Oscars nominees
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This is the easiest category to predict, as no other Oscars nominees can withstand the charisma of “Everything Everywhere All At Once.”

Academy voters have a modern outlook toward pictures. Instead of pleasing with a big budget, these votes are more inclined towards out-of-the-box and exceptional ideas. This movie deserves all round of applause for taking up an innovative approach and ruling over the box office.

Best Supporting Actor and Actress

These categories are, again, easy to predict. Everything Everywhere All At Once, starring “Ke Huy Quan,” can win this award. Quan is a worthy winner who started his journey back in the 1980s.

Moving on, “Angela Bassett” from Black Panther has all the potential can win this token of appreciation. However, all other Irish actresses in this category can also bring home this glorious gold toffee. Predominantly, Kerry Condon can also win this, as she had already won the same prize at the BAFTAs.

Oscars nominees
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Oscars nominees
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Best Actor

These Oscars nominees are battling a “three-man race” – between Butler, Farrell, and Fraser. However, Fraser will win and should win this race. Fraser has already won the “SAG Awards;” he will repeat history if he wins Oscar 2023.

In “The Whale,” Fraser played a 600-pound writing teacher on a journey to connect with his daughter. Potentially, he deserves to bag an Oscar this year.

Last year it was a “Will Smith Oscars.” Let’s see who’ll win our hearts this time.

Oscars nominees
Image Source BBC

Best Actress

This feels like another close race between two leading ladies of ‘Tar’ and ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ – Cate Blanchett and Michelle Yeoh. However, after winning a global award, Oscar is there for Yeoh. Her multiverse character will let voters tick Everything Everywhere All At Once’s box this time.

Oscars nominees

We expect the best to come this Sunday on our screens. Everyone’s praying for their favorite ones. Let’s wait to unveil the biggest suspense of this year.

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