Tesla bombarded the news on its customers about building an exclusive network of Superchargers for other vehicles. Soon after the announcement about Tesla Cars, the news unnerved some customers due to the future wait time to recharge their cars.

In response to this decision, John Sergeant, a Tesla owner in Seattle, highlights forthcoming problems. According to him, Tesla superchargers are already not coping with the demand. Opening those overrun stations will only double the problem for Tesla users.

While expressing about Tesla cars, John said, “That’s the one thing that concerns me—whether it might add to congestion, they need to put more superchargers in.”

Instead of adding more supercharge stations, they’re pre-occupying them with other vehicles. Precisely speaking, this idea is hounding every Tesla car user. This inconvenient news has become a pain in the neck for many Tesla customers.

Currently, the deployed number of supercharging stations across the UK is 967. These stations are spread out to 90 different locations. Besides this insufficient number of active stations, Elon Musk promised to serve other EVs.

President, Joe Biden has demanded construction of 3,500 new charging ports. After this, Musk will qualify to sign a deal to build a national network of electric-vehicle chargers. In his tweet, responding to President Biden, he expressed, “Thank you, Tesla is happy to support other EVs via our Supercharger network.”

Although Tesla promises to double its charging ports, many foresee hiccups in assessing the charging port. Moreover, this plan can affect the purchase decision of its potential customers.

A Tesla model Y owner, while talking to WBF, expressed fears and apprehensions about the coming situation. This provision to other EVs may cause congestion and long wait time at the charging port.

Adding to this, another Tesla Model Y owner said, “It has been such a joy when you’re on a road trip, charge while you’re having lunch, and be on your way. If we lose that, who cares if you have a Tesla or not?”

Many claim this accessibility is a gold mine for Tesla. But the question is, “will Tesla institute fix its customer’s concerns about long wait times?  Let’s wait and see how this turns out.



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