Energy company British Gas has launched a new platform to help customers save money.

The campaign has been launched amid the sky-high bill crisis that is currently hitting the nation.

Highlighting the 7,500 engineers they employ, dubbed the ‘Money Saving Engineers’, the campaign aims to show consumers the different products and services they can use to help them save money.

Created by The&Partnership the advert places the engineers at the heart of the campaign, showcasing the various options customers can adopt to help save money in the long run. Whether that’s a new, more cost-efficient boiler or by using their free savings calculator.

Andy Freeman, Marketing Director, British Gas says: “Our expert engineers know the nation’s homes like no one else. They have the experience, skills and tech to help save our customers money which, right now, is more important than ever. Putting them at the front and centre of the work, and capturing their positive and proactive attitude, were priorities for us on this campaign.”

Toby Allen, Executive Creative Director, The&Partnership says: “Other brands have to invent money saving characters. British Gas has 7,500 real engineers helping people save money every day. We wanted to match their positive action with positive energy. Bright and bold visuals designed to stand out in the greyest of months. Money Saving Engineers aims to galvanise the public and commit to a sustained effort to bring down bills on a national scale. The engineers themselves embody British Gas’ proactive spirit and dedication to helping today and changing tomorrow.”

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