Costa Coffee Presents Its New CEO


Costa Coffee made a surprising announcement that Philippe Schaillee will serve as its CEO from now on. Philippe expresses his gratitude toward Costa Coffee as, “I have long admired Costa and appreciate the company’s deep history and heritage. I am excited to join the great team at Costa and look forward to learning and growing the business with them.”

Costa Coffee is a global brand that started its business back in 1971. At present, its franchise has spread out to 45 countries with 2800+ coffee shops. For the consecutive 12 years, it has won the award for the “Best Branded Coffee Shop Chain in the UK and Ireland.” Now, Costa Coffee proudly presents its new CEO, Schaillee Philippe, to upscale the brand’s potential, revenues, and quality to the next level.

Schaillee has graduated from Catholic University Leuven. Schaillee, an MBA holder coffee-aspirant, began his career in 1994 by working with a Belguim-based company. After gaining notable experience, Schaillee moved to the United States. There he served in the role of Executive Vice President of Marketing for the tea and coffee industry.

President of Global Ventures for the Coca-Cola Company, Evguenia Stoichkova, expresses about Philippe, “Philippe is an outstanding leader who comes to Costa with a deep background in business and a passion for building great brands. We look forward to working with Philippe to expand on the plans we have developed to grow Costa, both in its home country of England and beyond.”

In 2006, Philippe got the post of EVP of the beverage division. Later, in 2008, he was trusted with the position of SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, and Executive Committee for the Sara Lee Group.

Back in 2012, Philippe returned to Europe and joined Jacob Douwe Egberts (JDE) Group. There, he enjoyed the title of president of the Professional Coffee Division. Most recently, Philipe joined a France-based Group SEB as a member of an executive committee.

Maheen Fatima
Maheen Fatima
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