This British fragrance retailer has announced playing a supportive role in this current economic situation. Following this, it has decided to cease increasing prices to cope with the current cost of living crisis. Originally, the plan started in October 2022, ahead of Christmas. But The Perfume Shop plans to prolong this duration until 2024.

The Perfume Shop Managing Director, Gill Smith, expresses: “We launched our price freeze commitment last October, and by extending it to include even more top brands until 2024, we hope that our customers can treat friends, family, or themselves with the knowledge that our prices won’t change.

“We know our customers will be looking to purchase perfumes in the lead-up to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and so we’ve made sure we have many options to choose from across different price points.”

Having initiated the program in October 2022, TPS plans to extend this incredible offer. This freeze initiative is essentially applicable to its 138 best-selling branded fragrances. Further, the Perfume shop announces that the majority of its products fall within the price range of £25 or under.

World Branding Forum has taken a deeper insight into this news. After talking to its stakeholders, another good news is waiting to step out to the main forum. According to The Perfume Shop, there’s an additional incentive for the 4.5 million members of its VIP Rewards Club scheme. These VIP members will have an additional 10% off on their freeze lines.

TPS and many other leading brands pledge to support customers during high inflation.

The Superdrug store has launched a special make-up collection, retailing for less than £9.

Boots, serving as the largest beauty and healthcare retailer, decided to lock in prices for 1500 products until 2024.

Likewise, John Lewis has launched a two-free meals per day program for its employees.

This biggest price freeze initiative will be a whiff of relief for inflation-affected people worldwide.

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