Biscuiteers has paired with Scurri to dispatch a luxury delivery service 365 days a year, enabling customisation through next-generation delivery software.

Biscuiteers, the luxury hand-iced gifting company, will handle everything – from delivery to customer notification. The partnership with Scurri will help expedite this process by enabling a customisable delivery management platform.

In 2007, Harriet Hastings and Stevie Congdon laid the first stone of the hand-iced edible gifts franchise. Their only mission was to offer a luxury gifting solution that looked as good as it tasted. Over time, they ended up creating beautifully iced biscuits in fabulous packaging.

However, with time, the company grew and dispatched its expertise in bespoke wedding cakes, handcrafted macaroons, and mouth-watering chocolates. The delicious creations come in a luxury keepsake tin for buyers to keep the container after enjoying Biscuiteers products.

This British company manufactures three million biscuits yearly within its headquarters in Wimbledon and London. Moreover, the retail brand also has wholesale partners like Waitrose, Selfridges, Harrods, and Harvey Nichols. Besides that, their corporate gifting initiative also brings significant benefits, making up one-third of their orders.

Biscuiteers x Scurri

It is estimated that Biscuiteers sends approximately 250,000 parcels a year through its Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) business. Through its collaboration with Scurri, it would be able to handle an even more extensive carrier network. Scurri will help the brand automate certain elements, such as carrier allocation, label generation, and carrier notification. With this, Biscuiteers can meet high demands and satisfy every customer with a seamless delivery service.

Image Source Biscuiteers

The 2023 collaboration between Biscuiteers and Scurri Track Plus allows for a more efficient carrier management, enabling Biscuiteers to integrate seamless international carrier services. With Scurri, the British company can enjoy enhanced efficiency, a better customer experience, an advanced reporting suite, a reduced delivery cost, and an average label response of as little as 150ms.

Lauren Juster, the Sales and Marketing Director at Biscuiteers, said, “The value of working with Scurri is they take something that could be incredibly complicated for a brand, and they simplify it. Delivery isn’t the most glamorous part of the e-commerce journey, but it is a completely vital part of the journey. If your parcel doesn’t go out to the right person, on the right service, on the right day, you’ve blown the whole order so it is actually a really core part of customer experience that they take it out of your hands and look after it for you.”

Rory O’Connor, the CEO and Founder of Scurri, appreciates Biscuiteers’ distinctive approach to pair customer service with the brand’s exceptional gifting experience. Rory said, We’re delighted to partner with Biscuiteers to help it take control of its delivery and post-purchase experience to ensure each customer interaction is seamless and joyful – boosting loyalty and delivering all-important revenue growth.”

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