Tennis icon Roger Federer has unveiled his first ever eyewear line in collaboration with Oliver Peoples, following his exclusive licensing agreement with eyewear manufacturer EssilorLuxottica in May 2023.

The collaboration between Roger Federer’s ‘RF’ brand and Oliver Peoples debuts with four distinct collections, featuring a selection of six pieces including four sunglasses and two shield frames.

Roger Federer
The eyewear collection by Oliver Peoples in collaboration with Roger Federer Image Source Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples, in collaboration with Federer, has crafted each pair with a focus on “comfort and ease.” It incorporates rubber grip nose pads and temple tips to ensure a stable and comfortable fit during performance wear.

Furthermore, the eyewear boasts exceptional lightweight construction, weighing 35 grams per pair. It also features high-quality lenses, including colour enhancement lenses that amplify dominant colours in environments like water, forests, or urban settings. Additionally, polarized lenses are incorporated to reduce glare from the sun, along with mirrored lenses for added style and functionality.

In a statement regarding the collaboration and design intricacies, Federer expressed, “Sunglasses are something I’ve appreciated immensely, given that my sport demands constant exposure to the sun, about 80% of my life. Our collection aims to offer sunglasses that seamlessly blend into every facet of one’s daily routine – whether on or off the court.”

“We also prioritised ensuring a secure frame fit to prevent sliding. To achieve this, we integrated rubber grip details that gently grip the back of your ears and nose. The adjustable rubber nose pads, in particular, contribute to the overall comfort of the frames, ensuring they sit securely on your face without feeling overly tight while imparting a sense of strength in their design.

The eyewear collection also includes details paying homage to Federer’s legacy. Among these features is the number 8, a significant symbol for the tennis legend, representing both his birthdate (8.8.81) and the remarkable tally of his Wimbledon titles.

A bespoke core-wire pattern, inspired by the intricate threading found on vintage tennis racquets, has also been crafted. Furthermore, an exclusive octagonal RF metal logo, reminiscent of the end of a tennis racket, adorns the temple tip, adding a distinctive touch to each piece in the collection.

The collection introduces the inaugural shield styles in the history of the Oliver Peoples brand. Among these are two distinct shield styles: R-4 and R-5. R-4 stands out with its semi-matte bio nylon top bar, offering a unique aesthetic. Conversely, R-5 showcases a minimalist design with a windsor rim top bar, emphasising simplicity and elegance.

Roger Federer
The eyewear collection by Oliver Peoples in collaboration with Roger Federer Image Source Oliver Peoples

Federer said in a statement, “Shields are a novel venture for me. I decided to give them a try and see how they turned out and definitely I’m thrilled with the outcome. I believe these shields offer a blend of high-performance functionality and luxurious design that hasn’t been seen in the market before.”

Rocco Basilico, Chief Executive at Oliver Peoples, expressed his excitement, stating, “We are delighted to unveil the collaboration between Oliver Peoples and Roger Federer. Roger epitomises elegance, style, mastery, and precision, making him a true icon of our generation.”

“Together, we’ve united to redefine performance eyewear. Each style is crafted to embody both luxury and durability, combining beauty with functionality. Boasting lenses engineered for high performance and unparalleled optical quality, this ultralight design incorporates exclusive collaboration details. Offering an aesthetic that seamlessly blends sport and lifestyle, nothing else compares. In eyewear, performance and luxury harmoniously coexist!” he added.

The Oliver Peoples Roger Federer inaugural collection is now available at Oliver Peoples boutiques, both offline and online, and through select wholesale partners.

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