‘3D’ used to be something you could only watch in cinemas with funky glasses. However, as innovation evolves, 3D animations are no longer limited to the big screen but have expanded to 3D digital billboards worldwide. 

Additionally, 3D has moved beyond the realm of movie magic and cartoons. Businesses and brands have begun incorporating it into their work, notably through 3D digital advertisements. 

A 3D digital billboard is an Out-of-Home (OOH) advertisement with animated pictures or texts created to appear like they’re popping out of the frame. Using multiple images from various perspectives and combining them into one, the optical illusion lets our eyes process it as lifelike. 

Animated 3D digital billboards are created using Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) and have greater depth than traditional 2D billboards. The vivid designs help content look more realistic, thus producing an enhanced visually engaging experience.

10 3D Digital Billboard Advertisements From Around the World

1. adidas Originals @ Beijing, China

The adidas Originals SAMBA collection made an explosive appearance in Beijing, displaying its entire range on a 3D digital billboard. Besides that, the proximity also featured a pop-up installation of a larger-than-life SAMBA shoe.

2. BMW @ Toronto, Canada

Celebrating 50 Years of M and the arrival of the BMW M4 CSL, BMW Canada created Canada’s first-ever 3D billboard in downtown Toronto. The 20-second video highlighted M’s achievements and history for the past 50 years and its electric future.

3. H&M Move @ Piccadilly Circus, London

Lively and vibrant, H&M Move’s 3D digital billboard in Piccadilly Circus contains splashes of colours and energetic movements. Along with Zlatan Ibrahimović, the brand’s campaign empowers people to get active and move in a way that’s true to them.

4. HBO’s House of The Dragon @ Times Square, New York

In busy Times Square, HBO’s preview of the eagerly-anticipated House of The Dragon saw realistic dragons striking fear and breathing fire. The exhilarating digital billboard was created in collaboration with HBO Max and LG Electronics USA.

5. Infosys @ Melbourne, Australia

Commemorating the 2023 Australian Open, the 6-floor tall 3D digital billboard brought tennis balls to life off the court. As an official digital innovation partner, the Infosys billboard reimagines tennis with cutting-edge technology.

6. KANS @ Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, China

Located in Shanghai’s Hongqiao Airport, skincare brand KANS presented an immersive billboard. Jumping out into reality are primary ingredients like Blue Copper Cream, Blue Copper Peptide, and Tiracle Pro to create magnificent visual effects.

7. Lazada @ Singapore

Honouring the brand’s 10th birthday, Lazada’s 3D digital billboard took its birthday celebrations OOH and sky-high for maximum exposure. The billboard starred the brand’s mascot, Lazzie, alongside epic birthday promotions.

8. Nike Air Max @ Tokyo, Japan

For #AirMaxDay in Japan, the 3D Nike Air Max billboard in Tokyo captured breathtaking animations of the shoe and the brand’s signature swoosh. Displaying the different varieties of the Nike Air Max, the billboard begins and ends with Nike’s classic orange box.

9. Subway @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With Subway mascots swinging into action, Subway Malaysia’s 3D digital billboard in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is a prime foot traffic area. Promoting its seafood range, the Subway animated billboard is a bright attention-grabber that’ll trigger taste buds.

10. VITA Apple Tea @ Hong Kong

 Situated along Mongkok in Hong Kong, VITA’s Apple Tea animated billboard is full of freshness and joy. Complete with an apple tree and red, juicy apples, the refreshing, flavour-packed advertisement leaves the audience wanting a sip.

How Do 3D Digital Billboards Work?

Because of the stimulative and revolutionary experience of 3D digital billboards, this method of advertising captures public interest and attention. When executed beautifully, bringing objects, animals, people, and brands to life, the visual experience is highly impactful and memorable.

Compared to 2D digital billboards, a 3D alternative offers a magnified way to reach consumers and gain public recognition. Although 3D digital billboards require additional work and costs, their immeasurable success in brand impact and exposure pays off. As the times and technologies change, so must advertising to continuously leverage and remain relevant.

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