The Nike Air Max Day celebration left all of us amused. This phrase, ‘One cannot deny what he perceives,’ is applicable here. Nike has been the biggest trademark in a cult following ever since its existence. However, this time it has developed the brand’s most successful campaign. This Nike Air Max 3D Billboard exhibition in Japan seems no less than an illusion than 3D technology.

Nike Air integrates this 3D billboard outside Shinjuku station Tokoyo, the busiest station in the world. This powerful marketing strategy surely considers demographics and geographical locations to make it even more successful.

After ‘Don’t do-it‘, it was the next most impactful Nike campaign.

This OOH initiative includes graphical hints, a 4k display, and 3d technology. One can see an oversized Nike orange box hovering in the air. Instantly, it burst open, revealing Nike running shoes and some mesmerizing graphics. Frequently, after that, there were some quick transitions of shoes – going from one fantastic design to another. In the end, the Shinjuku cat, the most loveable cat of all time, took in the box with its paw.

Nike Air
Image Source Nike

This billboard advertising kicks in huge revenue and a large global audience for the Nike brand. Eventually, Nike sales got a boost, converting people worldwide into potential customers.

However, one may ask, ‘What’s the potential driving force behind this?’ The end result of this innovative campaign is brought about by the partnership of ‘Nike Tokyo’s in-house brand Creative Studio with creative collective CEKAI. Moreover, Kota Iguch, founder of CEKAI, directed this amazing campaign.

When asked, ‘How long it took to achieve this holistic goal,’ the team answered, ‘In late 2021.’ However, it was not an easy task altogether. The team had suffered various challenges – from complex learning curves to complicated 3D technology. But, once it was all sorted out, the rest became history, and the work remains a forever thing to remember.

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