Sensodyne taps into consumers’ growing dedication to tooth whitening with Clinical White, the first product in a new premium range, designed by Marks.

Sensodyne is launching a new premium range extension with new product Clinical White. With strategy and creative execution by global agency Marks, the product combines the tooth sensitivity expertise the brand is known for with a clinically proven solution for whiter teeth.

This new offer provides a product that delivers the desired whitening effects with the added benefit of Sensodyne’s protective and restorative formulas.

Leveraging vertical packaging and enhanced premium print finishes, the design strategy is built around the iconic Sensodyne ‘S’. For Clinical White, it is redrawn in a new signature version that divides the pack horizontally to highlight to the key benefits of the product.

Sensodyne new premium range
Sensodyne New Premium Range Designed by Marks Image Source Marks

The overall visual expression of the new product conveys the modernity, simplicity, and elegance that people are willing to pay more for.

The traditional Sensodyne blue in the top half of the pack denotes the enduring promise on sensitivity, and the space below the signature “S” outlines the additional benefit of the product.

In this case, a spectral radiance print finish reflects the pearly white promise of Clinical White. Dialling up cues signalling beauty and wellness, it also highlights premiumness and a place of elevation that the brand has not played to before.

The creative execution includes a suite of core product assets such as a refined colour palette, with an addition of metallics and a new mode of action visualisation to lift it above the existing range.

Sensodyne Clinical White is currently being rolled out in the UK, with USA to follow in the coming months. It is supported by digital assets and a campaign that builds excitement around the product’s unique offer while highlighting authenticity of message and claims.


This content is provided by Marks. For more info visit their official website.

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