In tropical countries and hot climates, getting quality sleep at night can be hindered by pesky mosquitoes buzzing around. Fortunately, the newest short film by Shieldtox with Havas Malaysia showcases the effective anti-mosquito properties of the Shieldtox Liquid Electric Device.

Amidst the background of a starry night sky, a young boy falls asleep on a crescent-shaped bed. Accompanied by a classic bedtime lullaby, everything seems peaceful until a bright star turns into a threatening mosquito.

As the mosquito perches on his cheek, his reflexes kick in to eliminate the mosquito. The sudden movement transports viewers to the bedroom as the boy furiously scratches his cheek.

Hence, that’s where Reckitt’s Shieldtox’s Liquid Electric Device saves the day. “Don’t let mosquitoes disrupt your child’s sleep.” With this valuable gadget, parents can keep mosquitoes away from their loved ones to ensure a better quality of sleep. 

Shieldtox and Havas Malaysia Campaign

With Thai mothers in mind, the local market has traditionally resorted to mosquito repellents such as aerosol sprays and smoke coils. Although effective, these options are often hazardous as they release unhealthy and toxic odours. 

Expanding on this, the concept of a young boy as the advertisement’s main character highlights the child-friendly properties of the device. The Shieldtox Liquid Electric Device does not produce any odours or messes and can last the whole night. 

The collaborative effort involved Thai production house The Commonist and Malaysian studios Postfellas and Maveriq Studios. Through the power of storytelling, the advertisement demonstrates Shieldtox’s unique role in offering round-the-clock protection for loved ones. 

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