Yes, we’re Open, the creative studio founded by Sebastián Marvin and Máximo Lorenzo, is thrilled to debut the new global integrated campaign for HRC, introducing the new Messi Chicken Sandwich.

Miami, July 12, 2023.- “Greatness Happens Here” is the latest campaign by Hard Rock Cafe to renew its partnership with Lionel Messi as their brand ambassador. In this extraordinary moment of his career, Messi steps into the vibrant role of chef at this renowned global restaurant, known for providing unforgettable brand experiences.

Developed entirely by Yes, we’re Open, this new campaign has the objective of strengthening the partnership between Hard Rock Cafe and the global football legend, Leo Messi. “Greatness Happens Here” builds upon the Live Greatness platform introduced by the brand in 2020 and will be launched in all Hard Rock Cafes worldwide and select hotels. The campaign will receive substantial marketing support, including mass media and social media coverage, as well as an innovative 360-degree web experience that adds an element of entertainment and fun.

Máximo Lorenzo, Managing Partner at Yes, we’re Open, commented, “We are proud and delighted to collaborate with Hard Rock Cafe on the launch of this new and ambitious campaign. The brand faces the challenge of remaining cool and relevant, not only to its most loyal customers but also to new consumers who are increasingly demanding and connected, representing the new generations.”

Sebastián Marvin, co-founder and Creative Partner at Open, added, “The beauty of our work lies in crafting ideas and bringing them to life. Proposing to involve Messi even more with the brand and showcasing him in the role of a chef felt like a winning move for the campaign and for establishing this long-term partnership.”

Lastly, Millie Vergara, Managing Partner at Open USA, highlighted, “We congratulate our client, Hard Rock, for having the vision two years ago to forge this great partnership with the legendary Leo Messi. Our goal is to connect with the Hispanic consumer segment and a universal consumer through sports and food enjoyment passion points.”

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