Murad Skincare Runs EyesUp to Deepen Connections

Murad Skincare has developed a campaign to educate people on the dangers of digital-only relationships and power of human connection.

Murad Skincare has launched EyesUp, a campaign designed to educate people on the dangers of digital-only relationships. Where its founder’s work has focused on the pressures of modern living or ‘cultural stress’ over the past decade, the push seeks to drive people towards real-life human connection.

“Nearly all of us live in an always-on environment. The irony of advancement is that we’re more digitally connected than ever before, yet less connected to one another in meaningful ways. This has profound implications for our skin, health, and happiness,” said Dr. Howard Murad, Founder of Murad Skincare.

According to him, the hallmarks of cultural stress include digital dependency, the inability to disconnect from work, and lowered self-esteem due to increased social expectations. As such, the overall effort has debuted with the release of a film designed to raise awareness around the power of human connection.

The EyesUp Pledge by Murad Skincare.
The EyesUp Pledge by Murad Skincare.

Produced by HECHO EN 72, the educational video depicts through the lens of various people living in social isolation the physical and emotional tolls digital dependence takes. The brand has also created a content hub offering tips and tools, which is it leveraging to direct users to take the ‘EyesUp’ pledge.

The company will introduce an employee engagement programme. Based on the diagnostic tool, Dr. Murad will host EyesUp Office Hours, which entitles staff to a prescription for their source of cultural stress. The brand has also installed multiple Digital Device Stations to enable device-free meetings and deeper connections.

Additionally, Murad Skincare has created office-wide EyesUp Zones, where employees are encouraged to talk with one another in person over complimentary drinks and water-rich fruits and snacks. Throughout the year, the exercise will be supported by social media, public relations, and in-store retail efforts.