In a world where everyone is a circle, be a square. At least, that’s what the new Swatch campaign with Sticky Studios imagines. ‘What If’ is a fresh campaign that asks, “What if the first Swatch watch was a square?” 

The world-altering, mind-bending video takes viewers through a universe where everything is a square instead of a circle. Directed by Dan French, the short film blends cinematic scenes with quirky VFX to bring a square world to life.


‘What If’ takes place in 1982 at Swatch headquarters, where its founders face the decision of choosing the first Swatch design. “What if he goes with the square?” asks an employee referring to the prototypes. “Not gonna happen.” replies another cooly. 

Ultimately, the Swatch founder chooses the square prototype, and the office begins to rumble and distort. Everyday circular items are now a square – the London Eye, the earth, a football, a basketball and its hoop.

Moreover, things like hair, ice cream, wheels, balloons, a poodle’s haircut, bubbles, doughnuts, and a hula hoop now adopt a square shape. Square glasses are back in fashion, and a glowing lava lamp bubbles around squarely. 

As two friends observe a square basketball game, one asks, “What if it was round?” Clearly in frame is a square watch on his wrist, and they laugh at the absurd idea. 

For four decades, Swatch’s signature watch shape has been recognised as the foundation of the brand’s success. However, ‘What If’ brings back the life-changing decision that could have affected the trajectory of Swatch. 

Image Source Swatch

Swatch BIOCERAMIC WHAT IF? Collection

Inspired by its first square prototype and paying tribute, the Swatch BIOCERAMIC collection features square watch faces. Made from a revolutionary ceramic powder and bio-sourced material blend, the collection flexes its amazing durability and strength. 

The four-watch collection measures 33mm x 33mm each, with edge-to-edge glass dials. Additionally, the watches have an integrated bio-sourced strap and a battery cover with the dial of one of Swatch’s 1983 prototypes.

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Swatch GENT watch, ‘What If’ explores an alternative reality based on choices. What’s more, it ponders the idea of the consequences of our decisions – like how a square watch can affect design, style, and life.

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