The partnership will see Oberthur Technologies make the contactless payment option available to Swatch customers in Switzerland.

Swatch has inked a partnership with embedded security software provider, Oberthur Technologies, which will see the latter provide the contactless payment option to the watchmaker’s customers in Switzerland. Said feature will enable speedy, secure, and convenient cashless transactions.

By just waving their Swatch Bellamy timepiece over contactless terminals, users can take advantage of a great new way to shop and save time while doing it. The offering combines ease of payment with style to enhance the shopper’s everyday experience within the retail space.

As contactless POS terminals continue their widespread expansion across various types of locations such as convenience stores, quick service restaurants, vending machines, and car parks, using such a wearable to pay simplifies the process of making purchases daily.

Oberthur’s FlyBuySE is fully integrated within the watch to provide high security while enabling seamless payments and transactions. The brand’s latest portfolio covers a broad range of networks and applications including payment, security access, and transport.

The capabilities can be embedded into many types of wearables. Wearers are now able to perform contactless transactions as an innovative alternative to cash. At the same time, the accessory retains its aesthetic charms while embedding the latest payment technologies.

“Oberthur knows how to adapt its portfolio of products and solutions to the latest trends and it is the ideal partner to offer this innovative watch. We look forward to developing this relationship further, and to presenting Swatch Bellamy in more countries,” said Carlo Giordanetti, Creative Director at Swatch International.

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