On February 7, Beyoncé took to her official Instagram account to formally announce the debut of her hair care line, Cécred. She shared a preview of the brand’s profile and a captivating campaign video alongside her announcement.

The video, filled with treasured family moments featuring Tina Knowles-Lawson, Beyoncé’s mother and a significant source of inspiration for the brand, added a heartfelt touch to the unveiling. Named “Cécred,” a blend of “Cé” from Beyoncé and “sacred,” the product range is scheduled for its grand reveal on February 20.

Cécred hair care
Image Source Cécred

A long-anticipated venture unveiled but still cloaked in mystery.

Cécred has kept details regarding its products, pricing, and distribution channels under wraps for now. However, insights into the brand’s potential offerings can be gleaned from a trademark application filed in 2022, accessible on the American legal information website Justia.

The application outlines various product categories that Cécred is authorized to market. These categories include hair care items, vitamin supplements, electrical hair styling tools, combs, and accessories.

Initially, the hair care line will be exclusively available through the Cécred e-commerce platform. Currently, the platform features a sign-up page for enthusiasts eager to receive notifications about the boutique’s grand opening. Furthermore, the website hosts a visually captivating page reminiscent of a mood board.

This page showcases a curated selection of photos and videos, offering glimpses into the enchanting universe of Cécred. Here, modern science harmoniously blends with timeless traditions against a backdrop steeped in familial heritage.

The unveiling of Cécred is seamlessly integrated into a meticulously planned communication strategy. Just days following its announcement, Beyoncé revealed two final instalments of an album, poised to enrapture music enthusiasts worldwide.

Since last May, rumours have been circulating on Instagram about the imminent launch of the brand. In a heartfelt post, the songstress disclosed that her initial venture into the working world involved sweeping the floors of her mother’s hair salon.

For Beyoncé, this modest establishment represented a pivotal moment in her journey as an artist. Within the confines of her mother’s salon, she initially mesmerized an audience, performing alongside her former group, Destiny’s Child. This poignant narrative is what she aims to honour with Cécred.

Cécred hair care
Image Source Cécred

Having already left her mark on perfumery and fashion, Beyoncé now directs her focus towards Cécred. 

Beyoncé embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in the early 2000s by establishing her clothing brand, House of Dereon, which she shuttered in 2012. Four years later, she launched Ivy Park in collaboration with Adidas. However, the partnership ended in 2023, as Ivy Park fell short of expectations. Subsequently, the once-prominent sportswear label seems to have been put on hold.

Meanwhile, the multi-award-winning star introduced Cénoir, a luxurious fragrance exclusively available in the United States, priced at $168 or approximately 155 euros. This fragrance marked her re-entry into the world of perfumery following the success of “Heat,” her debut fragrance released in 2010.

In recent years, several celebrities, including Rihanna with Fenty Beauty, Lady Gaga with Haus of Lab, Selena Gomez with Rare Beauty, and Jennifer Lopez with JLo Beauty, have delved into the beauty industry, introducing iconic makeup and skincare lines. Hence, Beyoncé distinguishes herself by venturing into the world of hair beauty, a realm previously unexplored by the superstar. Cécred represents a new chapter in the singer-producer’s illustrious entrepreneurial journey.

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