Working with LAYER, pet product company Earth Rated has unveiled a new brand identity that showcases its growth and collection. Most notably, the rebrand sees the colours green and yellow take centre stage – colours visible to our canine friends.

The Earth Rated and LAYER overhaul uses a playful yet comprehensive strategy to ensure cohesion between the brand’s current and future products. As the pet toys and accessories market is highly-competitive, the focus was to create beautiful, functional, and ergonomic products to serve pets and their humans well.

Earth Rated
Image Source LAYER

The colours utilised in the revamp are vibrant, modern, and energetic shades. Its primary tone, fresh green, is paired with bright secondary colours like yellow to create striking visual contrasts. Yellow is one of the few hues dogs can see, other than grey, brown, and blue.

Working closely with the team, LAYER also helped the brand revise its brand mark, sustainable packaging, design language, and more. The new brand mark bids goodbye to its cartoon canine mascot. In its place is a sleek, environmentally-inspired design that cleverly incorporates a dog’s silhouette in the alphabets ‘T’ and ‘H’, complete with a wagging tail. 

Earth Rated Logo
Image Source LAYER

Moreover, the expansion of Earth Rated’s products now includes dog-walking goods purposefully redesigned to be sustainable. These include dog toys made of natural rubber and poo bags made of 65% post-consumer recycled plastic.

Besides that, the rebrand introduced Earth Rated’s new typeface, Filson Pro – a rounded font that supports its lively and approachable identity. Alongside seamless packaging, design style, and balanced colours, the overall visuals blend well and reflect its positioning.

Founded in Canada in 2009, Earth Rated produces pet products and necessities like toys, poop bags, and grooming wipes. The brand currently supplies over 20,000 retail stores in 40 countries and is growing.

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